Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Signs You Just Might Be.


Ever wonder if you are a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)?

HSPs feel too much.

HSPs feel too deep.

HSPs are stressed out easily.

HSPs are extremely perceptive.


Perhaps you already know you are a highly sensitive person. Perhaps, growing up, your mom or dad told you that you were “too emotional.” Maybe you are someone who can always pick up the vibe of the room and on the energy of others. Or you have friends who have told you that you need to be “less sensitive” and to “lighten up.”

Being a HSP, can be a gift AND a curse.


If you are a HSP, you are not alone if you are. But you are in the minority.

Below are the signs you just may be a Highly Sensitive Person:

1.You feel what other people are feeling.

2.You have been told you are oversensitive.

3.It is hard for you to make a decision.

4.You suffer from anxiety. Or depression.

5.You need a quiet place to retreat to. Too much noise, too much light, too much socializing, it is all just TOO much.  You need space to relax and recharge.

6.You hate change. Change is hard for everyone but it is especially hard on highly sensitive people.

7.You hate conflict.

8.You overthink.

9.You cry. Easily and often.

10.You are an awesome partner, friend, and family member. One of your strengths is your ability to connect and have meaningful relationships.

11.You take things personally.

12.You often worry what other people are thinking.

13.Your feelings are hurt easily.

14.You get upset by other people’s Facebook posts.

15.You feel left out often.

16.You can read people’s body language and tone of voice.

17.You overthink.



If you recognize yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person, the following may help you:
1)Learn your triggers. As a HSP, your are easily overstimulated and struggle with regulating your emotions. Try to reflect on times you feel especially triggered and what preceded these feelings. There are likely certain people, places, and situations that are  particularly upsetting for you.

2)Be actively aware of what you are feeling. Too often we operate on auto-pilot. Begin a mindfulness practice to stay in the moment. Much of anxiety comes from projecting ourself into the future. Depression arises from dwelling in the past.

3)Mindfully choose what to address and what to let go. HSPs can struggle with letting things go because their mind is hyperactive. People who are HSPs tend to be hypervigilant and notice EVERYTHING. You need to work on being able to block things out.

4)Focus on your health. Eat well, exercise, get a good amount of sleep. A healthy lifestyle is pivotal to good mental health.

5)Plan ahead. HSPs tend to struggle with anxiety. The key here is to plan ahead but not over plan. Leave room for spontaneity.

6)Be cognizant of people who drain your energy. Learn to recognize who the energy zappers are in your life. The Negative Nancy, the complainer, the attention seeker, etc. Limit your time with such personalities.

7)Speak with a counselor to learn better ways to cope with life stressors. 


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